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Hire us for Leasehold Improvements

In the market for leasehold improvements or office renovations?

If your business leases space and it is looking dated or you need to reconfigure the space. Caliber Construction can help.

We understand the importance of well-designed workspaces. It can also boost productivity and leave amazing impressions on clients and customers. As well as staff. Leasehold improvements are the structural and cosmetic changes we make to leased space. Caliber Construction takes care in developing the best solutions. From design to construction.

It’s our job to make your space or your tenant’s space works best for them.

Commercial Property Owner

Looking for a leasehold or office renovation partner?

When commercial spaces are re-developed, we find solutions that allow projects to be completed without significant impact on occupants and ongoing operations.

We specialize in the construction of new commercial buildings and the renovation of existing spaces. Either as an office renovation or leasehold improvements.

Operating as the general contractor, we have a proven track record of completing projects on time and on budget. 

We are known for seeking out non-traditional partners for progressive, sustainable construction projects that showcase architectural styles, as well as a mix of traditional and innovative building materials.

How to protect your business when making leasehold improvements

If you’re not careful, renovating a newly leased commercial real estate space can be a task fraught with headaches. Your landlord, for example, may nix some of the renovations you need to run your business. Unexpected cost overruns or delays can mess up your budget or disrupt operations. Your bank may turn you down when you need financing.

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Let’s Build Something!

Have project plans, just a napkin sketch or an existing building?

As a full-service commercial construction company, CALIBER Construction offers services at any level.

The construction industry is full of project delays, budget overruns, theft, and unwanted surprises.

We think that’s wrong.

Our goals are to provide more than just a building or renovated space. It’s our mission to be with you every step of the way and be accountable along the way.

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