Design-Build Saves Time & Money

Encourages Innovation and Collaboration

With typical construction projects, the owner must manage two separate contacts. One with the designer/engineer/architect and one with the developer/contractor. Seldom do the designer and contractor talk. All communications are funneled through the project owner.

This all takes time and time is money.

Working with a design-build firm like Caliber Construction, the designer and contractor work together from the beginning.

Providing unified project recommendations to fit the owner’s schedule and budget.

As a custom design-build contractor. Caliber Construction will oversee the design, construction, and risk analysis of a project.

At every stage. Our comprehensive approach ensures we are accountable. Combining our team’s full range of expertise and creative problem-solving capabilities. When unexpected changes need an expedited project completion schedule.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a construction delivery method.

Design-Build provides owners with a single point of contact. For both the design and construction phases of a project. One entity holds single-source responsibility and contractual risk.
From estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction.
A Design-Builder manages all contracts with companies. Such as subcontractors, equipment vendors, and materials providers.


With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity. There is a single point of responsibility. For quality, cost and schedule adherence. The design-builder goal is to deliver a successful project. By fulfilling many parallel objectives. Including aesthetic and functional quality, budget, and schedule for timely completion.

Working with a design-build company, an owner is able to focus on the project. Able to make timely decisions. Rather than on coordination between designer and builder


The singularized responsibility with design-build serves as a motivation. for quality and proper project performance. The owner’s requirements and expectations documented in performance terms. It is the design-build entity’s responsibility to produce results.

The Design-Builder offers to the owner that it will produce a design document. Documents that are complete and free from error. In contrast, with “traditional” design-bid-build. The owner warrants to the Contractor that the drawings and specifications are complete and free from error.


Design-Build firms work as a team. The design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team. Always sourcing alternative materials and methods to be more efficient.

Utilizing value engineering and construction methods. Creating cost-savings when the designers and contractors work as one. During the entire design process.


During procurement, the potential exists for design-build to reduce the owner’s administrative burden. Preparing RFPs and conducting evaluations can be resource intensive.

During the design and construction process. The owner is not required to invest time and money. Having to coordinate and manage separate design and construction contracts. Thus is able to focus on timely decision making.

Let’s Build Something!

Have project plans, just a napkin sketch or an existing building?

As a full-service commercial construction company, CALIBER Construction offers services at any level.

The construction industry is full of project delays, budget overruns, theft, and unwanted surprises.

We think that’s wrong.

Our goals are to provide more than just a building or renovated space. It’s our mission to be with you every step of the way and be accountable along the way.

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