General Contractor

General Contracting begins once the design and engineering work have been completed. As General Contractors, we oversee your entire project. Ensuring it is done to your satisfaction and within budget. We remove the stress of administering work schedules, obtaining permits, and managing multiple trades. We have a proven history of finishing projects on schedule and within budget parameters, while maintaining a high standard of quality workmanship.

  Help you set a budget and we will stick to it. Eliminating change orders and additional invoices.

   Complete the long and tedious Building Permit Process.

Coordinate all subcontractors, allowing for optimal timelines and completion dates

  Ensure that work completed follows the National Building Code and passes all Inspections.

    Maintain Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) coverage for all workers on site.

    Provide a Warranty period, depending on the scope of work.

    We tender both public and invitational projects.

Safety Certifications